Over 1300 Tattoo Artist Portfolios

50,000 Tattoos! Tattoo Database :  We are about to reach 50,000 tattoos!  New tattoos in “Real-Time” added by over 1300 professional tattoo artists as they complete them.  Yes these are the artists recent work! Find over 500 Tattoo Studios on the Tattoo Studio Directory World Map. – No fakes – All tattoos are posted by the artists themselves. … Read moreOver 1300 Tattoo Artist Portfolios

More Eyes on your Tattoos by using TAGS

Artists of TattooCloud, DID YOU KNOW…. TattooCloud.com is full of goodies you can take advantage of for free marketing/exposure… including: TATTOO COLLECTIONS TAGGING your tattoos with keywords that describe the tattoo will group your tattoos into popular collections. These pages are how most people browse tattoos on tattoocloud.com. You want tons of people to see your tattoos and … Read moreMore Eyes on your Tattoos by using TAGS

Help Your Clients Pick their Tattoo Style

  If you’re an artist who currently uses TattooCloud then I’m sure you’ve realized how useful it is. Instant uploads to your website and social media is a pretty handy tool, but did you know TattooCloud can also help you better communicate with your clients? It’s as simple as using TattooCloud’s handy key words to … Read moreHelp Your Clients Pick their Tattoo Style

Good Websites Win the Fight

  Just how important is it to have a good website? At a time when it seems like there are so many avenues for free advertising in social media options; one may wonder just how much of an advantage a website truly provides. I decided to do some research about the importance of having a … Read moreGood Websites Win the Fight


TATTOOCLOUD IS THE ONLY SOLUTION THAT CAN DO THIS Embed your TattooCloud portfolio to your existing website, or we can make you a new one. New tattoos spotlight on your home page and ensure all images are watermarked and promoted on your social networks AND on your own website! Every website situation is a little … Read moreThe “REAL-TIME” TATTOO PORTFOLIO” on Your Own Website

Watermarking Tattoo Images

Do you ever notice all the websites and Facebook pages nowadays posting and re-posting shit loads of tattoo images? Tattoos they are stealing from great tattooers and posting to their feeds with no credit, link or mention of you, the artist? There’s a lot more of this going on than you might think. Have you … Read moreWatermarking Tattoo Images